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The Civil War

The term – civil war – is defined as “a violent conflict within a country fought by organized civil groups that aim to take power at the center or in a region, or to change government policies.” Generally, a civil war – is a war between two or more parties fighting against each other for the control of political power within the same culture, society or nationality.

“The Civil War” is the most common term used for the civil war in the United States. The term – the civil war – usually means the American Civil War. The civil war (1861–1865) that broke between the United States (the Union) and 11 Southern states (the South) on April 12, 1861 is often referred to as the civil war or the American Civil War.

The civil war was triggered off when the 11 Southern states, often referred to as “the South,” declared their secession from the United States, which was also referred to as “the North” or “the Union.” Declaring their right to secession and forming the Confederate States of America, the South in the civil war was led by the President Jefferson Davis. On the other side, the Union or the North or the United States in the civil war, led by President Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party, rejected the South's any right of secession. This clash between the North and the South led to the civil war.

The reasons responsible for the secession of the South from the North or the Union that resulted in the civil war were many. First, there were four decades of great sectional disputes between the two. Second, there were deep economic, social, and political differences between the two. Third, the South's clash and disagreement with the North's view on slavery; the South wanted and needed slavery, but the North was opposed the expansion of slavery into territories owned by the United States; the Slavery issue was said to be the major issue that led to the civil war. Forth, the South wanted to become an independent nation because of their differences with the North on the interpretation of the United States Constitution; the North wanted to grant increased powers to the federal government, but the South wanted to reserve all undefined powers to the individual states.

The actual fighting in the civil war began April 12, 1861, when Confederate forces attacked a United States (federal) military installation at Fort Sumter in South Carolina, the first state to declare secession.